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Are you a student at school, a parent or a teacher? This might be for you.
ACTIVE SCHOOL WEEK takes place 26th-30th April. The #ASW21 Active Every Day challenge encourages schools and homes to work together to help more children and young people, gain more active minutes every day.

The challenge is split into 3 parts – Active at SCHOOL / Daily CHALLENGE / Active at HOME.

Throughout the week Cycling Ireland will release Daily Challenges on social media to encourage young people to practice their bike skills and keep active. If you get involved in any of these let us know here on the DCC Facebook Members page. By completing the Daily Challenges, you’ll have a bit of fun and improve your skills along the way!
Resources will be available on the Cycling Ireland website for keeping Active at SCHOOL and Active at HOME. Use this link for further information: http://www.cyclingireland.ie/page/programmes/active-schools

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A great cause to support!

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In 2 weeks time we'll be able to cycle our counties, maybe in 2 months we'll be able to travel our country and race. DCC @dungarvancyclingclub are ready and waiting!!!

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Velo Performance

Congrats and best wishes to Elia Tutty on recently joining the UK/Portuguese Velo Performance Team for the 2021 Season.
Elia will be one of 3 Irish ladies on the team and will compete in the women’s league in Ireland and will compete in a few races in the UK and Portugal subject to restrictions etc.

If you have a chance to follow the team please do on Facebook and Instagram.


‼️ We are very proud to introduce the team line up for 2021 ‼️
🃏 A selection of very talented cyclists from around Europe 🌍
🔹Visit www.veloperformance.cc/race-team for more information 🤙

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Photos from Dungarvan Cycling Club's post

With the weather improving why not get out on the bike. #jointhecycle

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Club Strava - Dungarvan Cycling Club

Why not make the most of this weekend and take part in the club Strava activities. This weeks prizes will be coming from O’Mahony cycle shop.

If you are not in Strava we have a page of instructions on how to download and use this free App and join the DCC Strava Club. Https://dungarvancc.com/club-strava.

Competition Details

Staying within your own 5km radius
Be a current member of the club

1. Longest ride for each week (staying within your own 5km radius of course)

2. The most elevation (again within your 5km, so anyone living on a mountain may have a slight advantage!)

3. The most number of separate rides in a week (stopping and starting your Garmin or Strava app after each Km on a single ride wont count!)

4. The best photograph taken including your bike each week (if you wish to enter this category you need to send your photos each week to info@dungarvancyclingclub.ie)

5. Best Strava Art for any ride (if you wish to enter this category you need to send your Strava art photo each week to info@dungarvancyclingclub.ie)

6. There will be one individual sport prize each week for those not lucky enough above.

Note - You can only win each category above once! so for example if you win the longest ride in Week 1 you cannot win the longest ride in the remaining weeks but you may win best photograph!!

The week will run from 6am Monday morning until 6pm each Sunday evening and the results will be posted on our new Strava Page on the DCC website & members page.

Good luck !


The Committee.

Register on strava Step 1 Open Strava website www.strava.com Step 2 Select method to register a new account. Step 3 When you get to this screen DO NOT select “start your free trial” as this refers to the premium service unless you wish to subscribe for the premium service (which you can…

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In the coming weeks we hope to see an increasing number of members out on the roads. Please bear in mind that this is also the time of year when young horses and young riders are being taken out on roads, and like cyclists they are also learning how to cope with road traffic. The following piece may be useful if and when you meet horses and riders on the road.

Cycling etiquette for passing Horses on the Road
A horse is unlikely to see or hear you, especially if you are approaching quietly from behind. Calling out ‘hello’ for walkers or equestrians is welcome and important in alerting horses and riders that you are there.

Try not to get too close before you call out or you will startle both horse and rider. If possible, ask the horse rider if it is safe to pass before attempting to go by and call again if they haven’t heard you.

If you decide to stand to the side of the road to allow equestrians to pass you, it is a good idea to make sure that the horse can still see you as it approaches, that way it will not be frightened when it suddenly spots you at the side of the road.

If the horse you meet has been frightened by your presence, give the rider a chance to calm the horse and move out of your way before you move off again. Please don’t be annoyed if a horse rider doesn’t appear to acknowledge your kindness and consideration. They do appreciate your help but may be concentrating on controlling and calming their horse to avoid falling off.

A speeding cyclist coming out of the blue may startle some horses and a group of speeding cyclists is even more likely to do so – take great care and if it is obvious you need to stop, then please do so; it may save a serious incident.

Horse Riders may need to ride two abreast for safety, particularly when escorting a young or inexperienced horse or rider – please give them a chance to sort themselves out before you go by.

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Dungarvan Cycling Club are saddened to learn of the sudden passing of our past member Justin Coonan.
Justin was a DCC member for many years, very involved in organising and competing in club competitions, and indeed represented the club in the Ràs in 2001.
To Martina, Oonagh, Jamie, Daniel and Kevin, and extended family, we offer our sincere condolences on your sad loss.
R.I.P. Justin