The attached Child Safety Policy has been agreed upon by 2018-2019 committee at the November 2018 Meeting. It is our responsibility to bring it to your attention. 

Child Safety Policy

Key Principles of this policy.

  1. The protection of children and vulnerable adults is of paramount importance to the club and this policy is designed to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are protected from abuse in all forms.
  2. It is the club’s policy to provide a safe, caring and fun environment for children.
  3. For the purposes of this policy a child is defined as a person under 18 years of age and vulnerable adults, the term “children” will be used to encompass both.
  4. The term abuse encompasses all forms of abuse – physical, mental, sexual, emotional.
  5. As stated the protection of children is of paramount importance, it is impossible to cover all eventualities and members must use their discretion to ensure that children are protected.
  6. The club has appointed Jason Travers as Club Safeguarding Officer (“CSO”) who will ensure, to the best of her ability, that this policy is applied.

Club Spins

  • Under 18’s welcome to cycle with adults ONLY when parent/guardian present with them, or where a private arrangement is in place with a willing adult who is a club member.
  • The captain should be informed before the Club spin, to make sure that the route for the spin is acceptable for the minor rider.
  • If the rider is U16 distance they can do in the ride is 60Km and their bicycle should be equipped with gearing of 52*16