DCC Youth League 2015

Next on the agenda for summer 2015 is the DCC Youth League, commencing on Thursday, June 11th. This event is sponsored by Forde’s Daybreak Dungarvan, and in addition to above, MTS Broadband is associate sponsor.
The committee urges you to support the sponsors whenever you can.

Details of our plans for this event are as follows:

  • Week 1: June 11th, meet at Cork Marts (beyond Fraher Field) at 6.30pm for sign-up, briefing, and riding the course (not competitively).
  • Six subsequent competition weeks, commencing June 18th, and finishing on July 23rd
  • Eligibility:  10 – 16 year old’s
  • Ability groups will be organised each week, with the more able riders starting last.
  • There is no sign-on charge beyond one-off fees outlined below
  • No place prizes are on offer, but due to the generosity of our sponsors, lots of spot-prizes will be rolled out regularly.
  • The course is as 2014. Map and distances will be available shortly.
  • DCC requests members who may be in a position to assist with the smooth running of this event to make contact via the usual channels.


  • Roadworthy bike
  • Helmet compulsory
  • Cycling Ireland membership (see below under “insurance”)
  • DCC membership optional (see below)

It is the intention of DCC to operate this event with safety as priority, in line with guidelines in the club Child Protection Policy. It is suggested that parents / guardians should ensure that the relevant section 4 is brought to the attention of participating cyclists.

Furthermore, among the other items clarified in this document is event photography. Please see section 5.1 “It is assumed that parents/guardians agree to having photographs, videos of their child engaged in club activities published on the club’s website and/or Facebook page or forwarded to other media outlets.  Where this is not the case the club’s CPO is to be informed.”

Finally, it is the responsibility of parents / guardians to ensure safe arrival to and safe home from this DCC event. DCC assumes no responsibility beyond the running of the event  itself, a parent / guardian must be in attendance on Week 1 (June 116h, 6.30pm) to sign consent form.

The DCC coordinators for this event are: Pádraig de Búrca, Pa Power, Anthony Dwyer and John Coleman. It is hoped that parents / guardians (in addition to DCC volunteers) may be in attendance on subsequent Thursdays to assist with marshalling.

Cycling Ireland Insurance

A Cycling Ireland licence is required to participate in this event. This may be obtained in two ways:

  1. Go to Cycling Ireland website, register as a new member & pay €5 for an underage licence. Upon completion, download the PDF licence, print, and present it to the organisers on the first night. it is completely optional whether or not the cyclist joins Dungarvan Cycling Club.
  2. Alternatively, DCC will have cycling Ireland registration forms available on the first night. From 6.30pm onwards (to 7pm) these forms may be filled out (by child & adult together). The cost is once again €5. However, as DCC will have to process these forms on behalf of Cycling Ireland, it has been decided that club membership fee of €10 will be collected also. Total €15. Value for money, as this ensures that cyclist has event insurance, and 24/7 insurance until end of 2015 whenever out cycling, whether competitive or leisure.

For anyone wanting to beat the rush of signing forms on the night, please note that forms may be downloaded here or are available in both bike shops. Existing Cycling Ireland members must present licence on first night.

  • Cyclesports, Riverside Business Park, Dungarvan
  • O’Mahony Cycles & Nursery, Sexton Street, Abbeyside

Just collect the form, complete it at home and bring to the event on June 11th, together with €15 fee.

Kevin Forde ( Forde's Daybreak Dungarvan ) and Lester Callinan with DCC youth riders Conor Coleman, Mark McGarry and Aoibhe Power.
Kevin Forde ( Forde’s Daybreak Dungarvan ) and Lester Callinan with DCC youth riders Conor Coleman, Mark McGarry and Aoibhe Power.

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