What is Half-Wheeling?

What is half-wheeling?

  • Half-wheeling is the jargon used in a cycling group when one cyclist who is supposed to be cycling BESIDE another cycles about a foot or two ahead, especially when both are at the FRONT of the group.

Why is half-wheeling not liked?

  • Half-wheeling makes the cyclist who is slightly behind think that he / she should catch up. Then the half-wheeler pushes on a little bit ahead again. This disrupts the RHYTHM and the pace of the group.

Who suffers most because someone is half-wheeling?

  • When a person starts half-wheeling, it is the cyclist in the group who is most tired that suffers most.

What will happen if you are a half-wheeler?

  • No-one will like you, except maybe your mammy. No-one in the group likes a half-wheeler.

What will happen if you half-wheel a cyclist beside you?

  • Someone from behind will SHOUT at you to stop half-wheeling.

Why do half-wheelers do it?

  • Sometimes it’s unconscious and not deliberate. However, if you are a repeat offender, it’s likely that you just want to prove that you are better / stronger / fitter. But you will not be liked!

Where did the term “half-wheeling” originate?

  • Nobody really cares, but it’s likely connected to the distance of HALF your bike wheel, from centre to edge. (i.e about 2 feet,)

Advice from the experts: If you are behind a half-wheeler in a group, make a deliberate decision with the cyclist beside you not to keep going faster. Let a gap open, and the half-wheeler usually notice after a while. (Some might be a bit slow)

Maybe we might DRAW A PICTURE, particularly if the message needs reinforcing.



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