Up and Over

#3 Up and Over

The method of rotating the cyclists at the front of the group is called “Up & Over”. It is difficult to describe, and yet when you see it in action it is so simple…

How is it done?

  • Cyclists move along two-abreast, two behind two. The cyclist on the OUTSIDE front moves (gently) ahead and moves carefully to the INSIDE. The cyclist needs to be completely ahead of the other cyclist before moving in. A good way to check is to glance over your shoulder to be sure.

What happens then?

  • Every cyclist on the OUTSIDE moves up.

Why is this done?

  • It is done to make sure no-one is left for too long at the front.

How often is it done?

  • No hard-and-fast rule, but five minutes might be a reasonable time.

Is it ever called by any other name?

  • Yes. Sometimes a group leader or a cyclist behind might call “CHANGE”


Mary and Joan are cycling side by side at the front of a group. Peter and Tommy are behind them.

When “CHANGE” is called, Joan cycles ahead of Mary, and when her bike is clearly ahead of the Mary’s front wheel, she veers in to the left. Tommy comes up to cycle beside her.

Better still, here’s an animation. Thanks to Ger for the link.





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