Training Right

Christmas is gone and spring will be fast approaching, so we will be wanting to find a bit more free time to get out on the bike. To take full advantage of extra spins you need to train right. Basically you need quality instead of quantity. Up to this point you have been getting out most weekends and riding steady in the group, which has giving you a base to build from. During January spins try getting in 10 mins every hour at ¾ pace or 7.5 out of 10.

  • P.e.r.i Scale 1 – sitting on the couch
  • 10 – tongue touching the front wheel

7.5 should be comfortably hard and not hardly comfortably. It’s best to do these efforts on false flats or climbs as it’s easier to get heart rate up. If riding in the group when at the front doing your turn you should be at this pace so this will count as an effort. When out on your own push yourself on certain sections of road to give yourself a good workout. You won’t improve by cycling the same pace all the time. Do this once or even twice a week, and on the second week up it to 12.5 minutes, 15 minutes on the 3rd and 20 minutes on the 4th. You need to vary it up to improve.

Session :

  • 20 minutes easy tempo
  • 10 minutes z3 or 7.5/10
  • 30 minutes steady tempo pace.

Another type of session to get in (and which are great if tight on time and can only get an hour or so) are high intensity efforts anything from 20 sec all out to 4 minutes at Zone 4 or 8/10. We do lots of this types of efforts in the Spin classes I teach in clonea.

One such session is :

  • 5 minute warm up
  • 4 minute @ Zone 4
  • 3 minute @ Recovery 2/10
  • x 5
  • Total Time : 50 mins

If really tight on time Session 2

  • 10 minute’s high cadence warm up
  • 10 minutes of 20 seconds (hard) ON 40 seconds OFF (easy)
  • 10 minutes cool down.

Train smarter not longer,
Marc Flavin Cycling Ireland level 1 Coach,
Achieve Ireland Fitness Instructor.

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