Staying Upright

We all try and mostly succeed to get out on your bikes and stay upright for the duration of the spin. Sometimes things don’t go to plan and we end up with a butt like a baboon. After we’ve got through a tube of sudocream we start thinking of getting back on the bike. With the mornings getting frosty it makes bike handling all the more important, especially important inGgroup 4 with a lot of new riders.

Here’s a few tips to help keep you upright for future spins:

  • Cornering: When approaching a corner have your braking done before the corner. Try not to brake when going around the corner. If you have to, gentle pressing of the brakes. DON’T press hard as wheels will lock and you will lose control.
  • Braking: Again don’t brake too hard at any point during spin if riding in a group. Try and cycle to one side of wheel in front (3 to 4 inches). This should help avoid wheels touching. What can often happen is when the cyclist in front stands out of the saddle they forget to bring their bike with them and the back wheel will come shooting back in your direction. This can lead to touching of wheels which only a well managed speed wobble can help avoid.
  • Bike Check: With the weather not the best the rims and brake blocks can build up a lot of dirt and quick wash after each long spin will stop this.
  • Speed: Try to have your speed set going into corners; again don’t brake hard in the corner or pedal around the bend.
  • Picking your line: When coming up to a bend pick your line around it. If you come in too fast you will most likely lose your line and if you are lucky you’ll just end up cycling on the grass verge. Picking the line depends on which side of the road you are. If closer the white line this will guide you around bend. Remember try not to oversteer or understeer.
  • Pedaling: When coming into a left hand bend keep the left pedal high and vice versa on a right hand bend. Rule of thumb: press down HARD on the outside pedal at 6 o’clock.

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