Shouting the Obstacles

Cycling in a group.

Advice #1: Shouting the Obstacles

The two cyclists at the front are the “eyes” of the group. Keep both eyes on the road ahead rather than be chatting when on the front of the group. If there’s a road hole on your left, call “Hole Left”, if it’s on your right, call “Hole Right”. Call LOUDLY, so you can be heard. Rule of thumb: the BIGGER the hole, the LOUDER you shout.Cyclists behind should pass on the call so that others behind can be warned. Experienced cyclists will also point to the hole. Only do this if you are able to keep the bike on a straight line with one hand.

You really need to practice shouting. It is even more important in a large group, because the people at the back will definitely not hear you if you are timid.

If you are NOT at the front of a group, what then? Answer: You pass on the shout.

Needless to say, if you are out on a solo spin, shouting the holes in this manner will draw unwanted attention to you!




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