Join The Club / Renew Your Membership

Your membership is in two parts: Cycling Ireland fee and DCC fee.

Cycling Ireland fee:DCC fee:
Non-competition is €30Adult is €20
Limited Competition is €60Under 18 is €10
Full Competition is €125


1. For our in-club Summer Series 2015 a Limited Competition licence is necessary.
2. You can participate in ALL OTHER PLANNED CLUB EVENTS for 2015 with a Non-competition licence.

The process for registering / renewing on Cycling Ireland website is NOT very user-friendly. Please use this cue-sheet to assist you.

NOTE: This is the first year that you can pay both fees together in one transaction

  1. Go to
  2. LOGIN (for existing members renewing) or JOIN (for intending members)Capture 1 login or join
  3. REGISTER (for intending members) or RENEW (for existing members)Capture 2 register or sign in
  4. Select “My licence”                                                     Capture 1 my licence
  5. Select Club (for new members only) You MUST select Dungarvan CC here…Capture select club
  6. IMPORTANT: #Select licence type (most likely Non-Competition) You will need a competition licence for racing. Please note: in previous years a competition licence was needed to participate in the club “Predict-your-Time Time Trials. The format this year means that a non-competition licence will suffice. Information in relation to the Cycling Ireland licence options is available here.
  7. Capture 2 select CI Licence type
  8. Click on the grey box to secect club fee (€20.00 for adult or €10.00 for under-18)
  9. Read the terms & conditions and click SUBMIT
  10. Go back to the HOMESCREEN
  11. Go to checkout… (yellow box)                                Capture 5 checkout

You may pay by CARD or PAYPAL. The screen only offers an option to pay by Paypal, but when you select that, you will then have the choice (CARD / PAYPAL).  (silly really)

Final Note: This is the first year there’s an option to pay your Dungarvan Cycling Club fee and your Cycling Ireland fee in one transaction. If you opt to pay the Cycling Ireland fee only (as in previous years) you will be insured, but you will not be a member of Dungarvan Cycling Club.

There will be a REGISTRATION AFTERNOON / EVENING for those needing assistance with registration / renewal. Details soon…

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