Injury & Illness

It’s that time of year again when we seem to pick up cold and flu bugs a bit too easily. Cold & flu bugs are all around us and we are more inclined to pick them up when training hard, as our immune system is low when training long and hard hours. So after a long Sunday spin it’s probably best not to head to do the shopping, touch every door handle, then go eating food, rubbing your eyes or just bringing your hand’s up to your mouth.

So what to do to avoid the common cold or the dreaded Man flu?  (Your wife will say it was a cold when I had it). The thing to do is wash your hands  regularly especially after coming in contact with someone with a cold or flu. Even public areas where you would have been touching handles and things that other people would have contact with. Just make sure you wash your hands before eating.

If you have children and they wake up with candlesticks and their only aim that morning is to put their hands in your mouth, the likelihood is you are going to get the bug. What to do then? Suffer on, drink plenty fluids, get in vitamin C and rest when possible. When to return to training? A rule of thumb is if you were sick for 3 days then you need to wait 4 days from the first day you felt normal again. This is how long it takes for the body to get back to 100% after an illness. Always err on the side of caution, never get back to training until 100% and feeling good. Otherwise you will only lengthen the time off training in the future as your body won’t cope with the effort and won’t recover properly.

So take your time there’s a long winter yet. You don’t have to go fast… You just have to GO.

Marc Flavin
Level 1 Cycling Ireland Coach
Achieve Ireland Fitness Instructor

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