Dungarvan Cycling Club groups structure: (Updated November 2016) To be reviewed as necessary.

Groups update:

Saturdays: from Kilrush 9am

  • Mixed group; average pace 28-30kmph Road Captain Frank Browne

Sundays: from the Civic Offices, 9.00am  6 groups as follows…

  • G2: 29-30kmph Road Captain JD Dwane
  • Back Road Group: 27-30kmph Road Captain Robert Power
  • G3: 27-28kmph Road Captain Anthony Dunford
  • G4: 24-26kmph Road Captain Tony Sheehan
  • G23k: 21-23kmph. Road Captain Anthony Murtagh
  • G5: 20-21kmph Road Captains Marion de Búrca & Rachel Neylin
  • If you opt to ride in a particular group you should be aware of the stated group pace and  not try to push the pace on when it’s your turn at the front.
  • Further groups may be added as necessary, provided that (a) there is demand and (b) there is a volunteer or two to get things up and running
  • Communication on the road: if you hear a shout of an oncoming hazard coming from the front of the line don’t assume that the rider behind you will have heard it. Pass the shout on. Similarly if a rider near the back punctures don’t assume that the rider in front of you has heard the call. Pass it on.
  • Always make sure you bring enough to eat and drink and wear clothes appropriate for the time of the year.

We want to thank the above who have volunteered to take responsibility for each group and we ask for your continued cooperation with them. It’s not always an easy job! They take responsibility for safety and enjoyment of all in the group.

Each member is required to comply with the DCC Groups charter.