Groups Charter

If you cycle with one of the DCC groups, it is assumed that you agree with this club charter.

  • Captain (Vice Captain in absence) calls routes.
  • Routes will posted be on Facebook in advance.
  • During severe weather conditions (eg; ice) the planned route may be amended for safety reasons
  • All must adhere to Captain’s instruction during spin
  • Regroup after climbs
  • Puncture procedure: The group continues to ride on and TURNS back together as a group on instruction from the Road Captain / vice-captain. Some riders may opt to STOP with the rider to assist with repair. Any rider under pressure within the group is STRONGLY encouraged to STOP to have a breather.
  • Spin structure (summer) : first half steady, designated optional fast section for approx 10-15k, then regroup and finish at steady pace together. From week to week, the fast section will alternate between hill and flat, and will be outlined in advance.
  • Cyclists having difficulty with group pace should consider (a) staying with group for part of the spin or (b) cycle with a slower group
  • All members of the group will obey rules of the road. SPECIFICALLY, no cycling through a red light. Cyclists MUST stop at pedestrian crossing if necessary.
  • In the event of not enough members turning up on a morning (maybe less than 4) groups may change from planned route and join with other groups for part of their spin.
  • Every member of the group will  have a say in calling a route. Road captain will consult.
  • Half-wheeling not allowed. Why? Read here
  • Crossing wheels not allowed.
  • All groups represent Dungarvan Cycling Club whenever they are out and about. Members should leave a positive image of the club wherever they go.
  • For the safety of everyone in the group, bikes should be in good working order.
  • Details to be reviewed by captain / vice-captain(s) and committee on a yearly basis, after AGM or as necessary.
  • A cyclist MUST be a member of Dungarvan Cycling Club, save in the two exceptions below:
  1. Intending club members may cycle for three spins and at that point they are requested to join DCC if they wish to continue
  2. Existing club membership runs on a calendar year basis. It is reasonably requested that when renewing membership it must be completed before the last day of January.

We have details of each group HERE. Information in relation to groups may change from time to time.

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