DCC Notes, April 5th, 2015


Glorious Easter sunshine brought a very large number of club riders to Lemybrien last Sunday for the inaugural Mental Health & Suicide Awareness charity ride. Following a controlled spin from Dungarvan, registration and photoshoot were completed in good time for the punctual 10am rollout.
In total 45 DCC riders were among the 430 on the road who enjoyed a beautiful route to Bunmahon, Kill and Kilmeaden before returning for refreshments to Lemybrien. The organisers are to be complimented on their efforts: marshalling was top class, food was plentiful and weather was perfect. It’s not always easy to get that last one right. Surely this is one for the calendar next year! Special thanks to Dwayne for assistance on the way down. We thought he was dropping us approaching the N25 from Halpin’s Cross. Turns out he went up the road to stop traffic and steer us safely across a tricky spot!

2015 04 Leamybrien


At the time of writing the racing team are preparing for the final stage of what has been a very tough Ras Mumhan by all accounts. Wind, hills, heat, crashes, and mechanicals are taking their toll but the lads are giving a good account of themselves. Full report next week.


The Corkman Stage race is coming up on the May Bank Holiday weekend. It caters for A2/A3 in one race, and a separate race for the A4’s. Could anybody that’s interested please contact Damian or anyone from the committee so that we can get an indication of numbers. State your licence category also please. We need to know ASAP so we can try to get accommodation together.


Some of the feedback received from the recent survey was in relation to club competition formats. With this in mind this year sees a revamp of the traditional opening Club Competition – The Liam Rossiter PYT.

The 2015 Predict your Time Series is sponsored once again by Liam Rossiter Quality Meats. DCC is grateful to Liam, and requests members, as always, to support the sponsor where possible.

The format of the series for 2015 has been discussed and agreed by the committee, This year, we are introducing some changes, outlined here.

  • The series will commence on Wednesday, April 15th and operate for 3 Wednesdays
  • The series will continue for a further 3 Wednesdays later in the summer following the Summer Series
  • ALL members will be able to participate, irrespective of licence type
  • There will be NO weekly prizes, and no sign-on fee
  • Clocks will not be allowed (or must be covered)
  • Drafting WILL be allowed if preferred
  • Individual times will not be published
  • The time difference between your actual time and your predicted time will be published
  • Everyone has an equal chance of winning
  • 3 routes have been selected:
  • April 15th: Dungarvan to Cappoquin, on main N72
  • April 22nd; Dungarvan to Stradbally, via Durrow
  • April 29th: Dungarvan to Ardmore, via Old Parish

Here’s how we have planned out each Wednesday…

Groups will assemble at Kilrush, sign on and inform the organisers of your predicted time; then cycle (in groups or in mixed-groups) to a point on the outward section, to be announced the week before the “spin”. Here, there will be a Time-Trial (varying each week; 5k, 10k, perhaps longer or shorter depending on feedback. Following the time-Trial section, (which will conveniently be within striking distance of a coffee or ice-cream location), groups will return to Dungarvan as they wish, fast or slow. It is hoped that faster cyclists might take the opportunity to mix it with some slower cyclists by way of a social spin, but it will not be imposed. The thinking behind the plan is that “club spirit”, (that elusive missing-link mentioned at the 2014 AGM) will be fostered enormously by faster cyclists remembering that they might not always have been in such a position. It is also felt that some cyclists do not actually know cyclists in other groups, and this may be a way to get someone to buy you an ice-cream in return for your “sociability”.

Despite the above, we understand also that “competitive cyclists must train smart“, and with many other commitments, if midweek cycling time is very limited, then it’s only fair to mention that you cycle fast if that’s what’s required. We only ask that you consider the options.

It is our intention to make this a real fun event. Do consider joining in please. It’s YOUR club, and with your help, it will be BETTER. Further details between now and the 15th…

A similar 3-week conclusion to the series will take place after the summer series, if the initial three weeks proves popular.


The new summer start time of 9:00 seemed to suit everyone, especially as the weather was so good.

Saturday’s spin headed to Cappoquin, Lismore, Ballyduff, Fermoy, and back by Tallow. The Saturday spin is always a nice, steady spin, and it’s great to get 2 spins in over the weekend when possible.

On Sunday, all of Group 4 and Group 5 went to Lemybrien for the Suicide Awareness spin. Well done to all who travelled. With plenty racing on there was no Group 1. Group 2 decided to celebrate Flanders Sunday with a bergfest. Fair play to Robert for coming up with a testing but thoroughly enjoyable route: Kilgobinet, Cul na Smear, Kilbrien, Beary’s Cross, Ballinamult, Affane, Villierstown, Aglish, Mount Stuart, and home by Old Parish. Group 3 headed for Cappoquin, Lismore, The Vee, Newcastle, and Ballymac.

To be informed of Sunday’s routes please check the Facebook page on Saturdays or send an email to updates@dungarvancc.com requesting to be added to the list to receive the routes.

Club spins leave at 9:00, from John Foley’s Kilrush on Saturdays, and The Square on Sundays.


“Grit, determination and a stoic acceptance of physical pain are the sport’s bleak central pillars.” Tom Robbins.


You will find loads of updates, tips, photos, and commentary on the club’s Facebook page and on the club website dungarvancc.com. We’re even on Twitter if 140 characters is about all you can handle. Join the Dungarvan Cycling Club group on Strava to see what everyone else is up to. If you have anything you’d like me to report please email seanoduibhir@gmail.com

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