DCC Notes February 28th 2016

Weekend Spins It was another good weekend for cycling with cold but dry conditions on both days. A group of 8 set out on the Saturday morning coffee spin. They headed for their usual haunt ‘The Summerhouse’ in Lismore via Cappoquin. A puncture on the return journey home was quickly fixed thanks to the help […]

DCC Notes February 21st 2016

Weekend Spins Mostly dry, windy with the odd bit of rain just about sums up this weekends weather. Again there was plenty out on the roads over the two days. The Saturday morning coffee group had 4 heading to Lismore for their caffeine fix. Rain started just as they started but it didn’t phase them. […]

DCC Notes February 14th 2016

Weekend Spins A mixed bag of weather for the weekend yet again. If you were out early on Saturday it was good but later in the day was a washout. However Sunday was quite a nice day and that bright ball in the sky, I think it’s called the sun, made an apperance! Numbers out […]

DCC Notes February 7th 2016

Weekend Spins Saturday’s Spin saw 4 brave souls battle the worsening weather to Cappoquin and Camphire, where a split occurred. 2 very brave members pushed onwards to Knockanore and the rest of the planned route while 2 others were tempted by the Summerhouse coffee in Lismore. The Saturday morning coffee group set out with good […]

DCC Notes January 31st 2016

Weekend Spins Another weekend of contrasting weather, cold and mostly dry on Saturday with mild and damp conditions on Sunday. However as usual this didn’t stop great numbers from taking to the roads on their bikes. The Saturday morning coffee spin group headed off for Lismore via Cappoquin with a cold wind on the way […]

DCC Notes January 17th 2016

Weekend Spins This weekend had two very different days weather wise, cold and frosty on Saturday and mild and damp on Sunday. All went well on the Saturday morning spin. The group made a small change to the route to avoid possible icy roads taking in the infamous Tallow Youghal bridge route. Despite one or […]

DCC Notes January 10th 2016

Weekend Spins At last we got a break from all the high winds and rain but the downside of this is much colder weather with the risk of ice. However this weekend wasn’t too bad with all groups getting out on the road. The Saturday morning group were delighted to welcome back regular captain Frank […]

DCC Notes January 6th 2016

Recent Spins Yet another Saturday of club spins was wiped out by a weather warning on St Stephens day getting the cycling over the festive season off to a bad start. It didn’t stop a few hardy group 1 cyclists from getting a spin in. The following day was a damp, breezy and cold morning […]

DCC Notes December 20th 2015

Weekend Spins The Saturday morning coffee group eventually got back on track with a group of 7 heading to Lismore against a very strong wind with some fine gusts in places. Coffee and drinking chocolate was the order of the day in the Summerhouse Lismore before heading back to Dungarvan .The Saturday club spin had […]

DCC Notes December 13th 2015

Weekend Spins In keeping with a common theme this winter Saturdays spins were all cancelled due to the weather warnings in place for extreme rainfall. Sunday was a better day even if it was a bit damp and cool. Group 1 was made up of a small group of hardy souls with some suffering from […]